Jeff Toorish is an explorer, educator, writer and self taught photographer/videographer specializing in remote environments.

Jeff has an extensive background in the visual arts, including a degree in Theatre Arts. He has traveled widely, absorbing the cultural differences in the many places he has worked and explored. This gives him a unique atristic eye which is apparent in his photography. His view of landscapes varies from the stark, mystical monocrome tones of black and white to vibrant colors.He is an accomplished and award winning video producer in addition to his work with still images. His portrait work has been called compelling and haunting, capturing the nature of his subjects in his unique style.

Jeff is also a nationally certified and licensed paramedic specializing in remote wilderness medicine. He teaches wilderness medicine and survival across the US. In April Jeff was named a National Fellow for The Explorers Club.

His desire and passion for capturing the moment is without bounds. Toorish says, "many things can be distilled into a moment, a single moment in which the essence is pure; that is the moment I want to capture with my camera." He will do whatever it takes to capture that essence, where ever and whenever it happens. His work has taken him around the globe, from Africa to the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean and across North America.

As a longtime resident of Maine, Jeff recently worked on a documenary book on the Shaker religion, Chosen Faith, Chosen Land. HIs photographs have garnered tremendous accolades and the book has reached the top of the best seller list. "The Shaker Project was very special to me, not only because of the extraordinary group of people involved, but because of the purity of the Shakers themselves. It was a truly magical experience."

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"There is one thing all great artists have in common, they are explorers.
At heart, that is what I am, an explorer and the medium I use for my exploration is the photograph,"
~Jeff Toorish

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